The following students have passed the indicated edition of our International Masters Degree in Reconstructive Microsurgery (MRM)

2016 – 2018

  • Alayyan, Muna
  • Alharami, Sara
  • Almutairi, Musa
  • Alshaibani, Noof
  • Ashoor, Arwa
  • Correa, Susana
  • Elmabrok, Gamila
  • Garcia, Viviana
  • Kaloudis, Ioannis
  • Manzano, Maria Luisa
  • Mera Trujillo, Juan Jacobo
  • Roje, Zeljka
  • Silva, Orlando
  • Urcelay, Pilar
  • Wrmzyar, Samia Jalal
  • Zoccali, Giovanni

2015 – 2017

  • Almansoori, Nahla
  • Anikusko Fedorovych, Mykola
  • Cadena Rios, Mª Isabel
  • Di Micco, Rosa
  • Engberg Damsgaard, Tine Margrethe
  • Fallatah, Ezdehar
  • Giraldo Montoya, Juliana
  • Hellers, Joe
  • Ibrahim, Safwat Mosbah El-Zahzahany
  • Londoño Bolaños, Luis Alfredo
  • Mayen Lemus. Astrid Sucelly
  • Michalik, Dariusz
  • Mohamed Ahmed Ashour, Ramez Osama Hussein
  • Panchulidze, Irakli
  • Pinto Da Silva, Maria Da Conceiçao
  • Volchenko , Alexey Anatolievich


An ongoing investment into promising, upcoming, committed surgeons
to honour the work of Professor Isao Koshima

Prof Isao Koshima is one of the most visionary microsurgeon of the world, an insightful and enthusiastic teacher, and a remarkable man.

During his productive career he has developed most of the great advances on reconstructive microsurgery (DIEP flap, SCIP flap, vascularised nerve transfer, lymphedema surgery …).

The European School of Reconstructive Microsurgery knows no better way to honour the work of Prof Koshima than through an ongoing investment into promising, upcoming, committed surgeons, who will, through study and investigation, continue to expand the knowledge in one specific field of the microsurgery.


  • Receive a stipend to use towards travel expenses, room and board. The expense cap for the Koshima Fellowship is set by the Educational Board of the School yearly.
  • The Koshima Traveling Fellow will be chosen prior to the Master Final Assessment at which he/she is appointed, and opens their traveling year.
  • The Koshima Traveling Fellowship will begin in April and should be finished before the end of December. At the subsequent graduation meeting, the fellow will deliver the annual Koshima Lecture.


  • The applicant must be a graduated International Master in Reconstructive Microsurgery.
  • Applicants must present a memorandum with a project for learning or improving the competency in one specific field of the reconstructive microsurgery.